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- Each coat of Silkwood provides nourishing, and lasting enrichment protection to the surface of the wood grain. Silkwood is designed for all your interior & exterior timber surfaces. 


- Silkwood nourishes and enhances the natural beauty of timber products. The oil penetrates deep into the wood making sure you get that added protection the wood needs. 


- Silkwood provides advanced UV technology, containing UV light absorbers which create high levels of protection against the high South African sunlight and heat. 


- Silkwood provides excellent weather protection, which nourishes the wood while protecting against water, mould, mildew and fungal growth. 


- At Silkwood we have made sure we only use the finest raw materials, to give you that unbelievable glow, shine and immaculate finish that most other products on the market can’t give you. We have added quicker drying agents to make sure your finished product has ample time to dry

At Silkwood we strive in every way possible to be environmentally friendly