About us

About Us

Our history

SMI Trading was established in 1986 and since its inception has grown to become a leading manufacturer and distributer of wood coatings and sealers in the South African region. The Company has produced an industry leading wood coating sealer range named silkwood, with over 35 years of proven customer satisfaction. The Silkwood range continues to be periodically improving to meet new demands in the industry and maintain its standard as a leading a wood sealer, wood treatment, top coats varnish and wood protection.

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Wood Care & Wood Treatments

As a leading manufacturer for the finest wood oil sealers for maintenance, renovation or repair. We take pride in pushing the boundaries to bring high performance wood oil sealers, that provide the highest level of protection, nourishment and wood care to satisfy your every need.


Our range of wood oil products ensures you have a product for every solution protection and maintaining your interior and exterior diy needs. Silkwood’s product range deeply protects your wooden surfaces leaving it with the ultimate finish giving you superior wood protection.


Our range of deep penetrating wood oil sealers will not only enhance the natural look of your wood, but it will also help maintain it, and protect your wooden surfaces from the harsh elements of the Southern African sun.


SMI Trading was initially established in 1986 as a chemical component supplier to Zambia.


In 1991 – Management decided to pursue a manufacturing philosophy of being an intermediate supplier.


Trade Mark Silkwood was established in the central trading area of Johannesburg.

Since its establishment SMI Trading has grown throughout the years to become a significant distributor and stockist of wood coatings in the South Africa region. Silkwood provides superior wood protection, care and treatment products for interior, exterior and garden wood.


Renowned throughout the professional and DIY markets for offering the very highest possible standard of wood protection, products bearing the Silkwood name benefit from the most recent advances in coatings technology. The Silkwood range offers decorative wood coating products and sealers which range from those of industrial application to those for DIY/ Domestic use.



At Silkwood we pride ourselves on creating the very best in wood protection products; drawing on more than 30 years of experience. Silkwood has a product for every project from preparation and pre-treatments to top coats – products that will ensure lasting superior wood protection whether in the home or in the garden.


Silkwood offers a wide range of professional products, offering the very highest possible standard of wood protection. With over 30 years of innovation and experience, every product ensures superior wood protection.


Silkwood provides superior wood protection for all interior, exterior and garden timber. The woodcare products in Silkwood’s vast portfolio are long lasting and durable, whilst maintaining the natural beauty of the wood. Silkwood recognises that a meticulously designed building requires an immaculate finish, whether commercial or residential.


Silkwood products are subject to paramount research and development which ensures that they remain at the forefront in terms of technology and performance, while exhibiting high environmental credentials. The continuous upgrading of the wood treatment product range and the inclusion of customised raw material components has created a range of products that are outstanding in terms of: Minimising wood degradation such as warping and cracking and other factors including durability, cost performance, low maintenance and aesthetic appeal.


Vision & Mission

Our vision is to make sure that our clients have a great, and unique finished product ultimately with the most superb finish, and look. We are always pushing the boundaries with new technology to come up with the most innovative & unique products on the market.


Our mission at Silkwood, is to give you the look you’ve always been wanting, whether it be for decking, wooden doors or windows, but have not managed to get that result from other products on the market.


At Silkwood our customers are our top priority, we value your business and make it our mission to build a long lasting business relationship. Our dedicated staff are on hand to attend to your every need, Our dedication to fulfilling our customer’s needs and has always been the way we operate.


We work with the ethos that once a customer uses Silkwood they become a customer for life.



Our employees are the core of our business, they are extremely hardworking and dedicated professionals. We invest in the development of our people giving them the skills they need to grow within the industry and our business.


Constantly bringing the best people on board adds to the reputation of Silkwood being a top manufacturer in South Africa within the wood care & wood maintenance industry.