M2 Range

M2 Product

General Uses & Applications

Please Note***Silkwood is not designed or to be used on stair cases, or laminate flooring. Silkwood is a deep penetrating oil to be used purely on timber products

Silkwood treated wood

Product Description

M2 is a solvent-borne water repelling penetrating wood oil sealer. The product has been formulated specifically for application on low to medium density hardwoods, Although the product can also be applied to high-density wooden surfaces. Optimal qualitative and quantitive selection of the components raw material (e.g. the oil-bearing components), Has resulted in a product which when applied to timber surfaces will perform the following functions.

-Grain and the natural appearance of the wood will be enhanced.

-Application of the product will impart weather resisting characteristics.


Typical Applications

-Garage Doors

-Wooden Fencing

-Log Cabins

-Wendy Houses

-Window Frames

-Outdoor Furniture

-Log Poles

-Wooden Doors(Interior & Exterior)

-Wooden Gates

Advantages Of Using Silkwood

-High performance deep absorbing wood oil.
-Excellent penetration with fantastic UV protection.
-Long lasting finish, easy to maintain. 
-Maintains & enhances the wood’s natural beauty.
-Easy to apply, we recommend 3 coats on each application with Silkwood’s product range.
-Non film-forming so won't peel or flake
-No sanding required between coats and simple maintenance with no stripping required.

What's The Difference Between a Oil & A Stain?

The difference is within the level of the finished product. A oil is deep penetrating which soaks into the wood giving it ultimate protection, nourishment, and durability. A stain makes the finished product look richer in colour, on the end product. 

What’s the difference between a Varnish & a Wax? 

A wax makes the finished product look good, with you having to tirelessly keep maintaining the product with effort each time. A varnish is merely a top coat added to the wood, without the protection or seal. 

Application Criteria

-The surface to be dry, clean and free of all contaminants, e.g. previous paints or varnishes.

-The surface should be well sanded.


-The product can be spray or brush applied.


-An initial coating followed by at least two successive coats should be applied.


-Adequate drying should take place between coats.


-If the surface has a fluffy appearance it should be rubbed with either a scotchgard, pad or steel wool

prior to coasting.


-The drying time can vary depending upon the ambient temperature and humidity.


-For optimal results, all surfaces including the end grain should be coated.


-When applying the product indoors ensure that the area is well ventilated.


-Brushes etc can be cleaned with either mineral turpentine or white spirits.


-The wood should be recoated when it starts to look faded or dry. The recoating period will depend upon the degree and intensity of the exposure.


-Do not expose the product to naked flames etc, as it is flammable.

Silkwood Fact

Most products on the market, that claim to use Oil within there products only use raw linseed oil as a base, without any other raw materials or properties. At Silkwood we only use the finest raw materials not only to give you that immaculate look, finish & glow, but our products actually deep penetrate the wood giving you protection making the wood last longer, and more durable sustaining that longevity that you can’t get from other products on the market. 


Be careful of using just varnish on your products, as it’s merely just a top coat without any protection or durability.   


All Silkwood Sealers Are sold in the following sizes

1L / 5L / 200L