Silkwood range

Through out South Africa we offer:

Various products for indoor and outdoor wood treatment from the Silkwood range which comprises of the following:

M1- A slow drying water repellent which is used for industrial applications.

M2- A universal DIY wood treatment and sealer

M3- A general purpose wood varnish, used for decorative purposes.

M5- A range of pigmented wood stain used for industrial applications.

M7- A wood sealer used for external decks.​


The M1,M2, M3, M5 and M7 of the Silkwood range is offered in a wide array of colours including mahogany, brown, ebony, clear, spec brown 1.3, kiaat and many more. The Silkwood range is offered in 1L and 5L quantities. The range is also offered in 200L quantities which are used for industrial applications



The enterprise is diverse as it not only manufacturers various products for certain wood coating and wood treatment needs, it also offers certain services such as: free on-site assessments catering for both domestic and industrial use, writing specifications for house projects,  training center for painting contractors and an interior decorating- consulting service.

Originally, two products ranges were developed the M2 and M7 with the M2 being for low-medium density timbers/woods and the M7 being for medium-high density timbers/woods. However, Simon Milne, noticed  the many wood treatment needs other than purposes for decking and DIY and decided to extend the range.  The M2 and M7 range still continue to be the most popularly demanded ranges by our various consumers.

The M2 cannot be used on medium-high density timbers/woods, however the M7 can be used on low-medium density timbers/woods. The M2 is mainly used on pine wood wheras the M7 is used on Meranti Wood.