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Silkwood is one of our most recommended products for sealing wood. Great for interior and exterior uses, and no comebacks or problems to this day. Its a affordable product, that pairs with fast reliable service. Easy to a apply in every situation or area.


Silkwood is considered by many to be the best wood sealer/coater around. This is a oil based wood sealer, with UV protection built in. The best of everything is used in this oil based product not only to make the wood more durable & last longer, but to provide the best possible end result.


Silkwood provides an excellent finish for both indoor and outdoor uses. It is UV protected, and being an oil based product it is designed to be flexible and handle the effects of weather. Amazing product, highly recommended.


We have been using Silkwood on all our garage doors & windows, decking projects for over 20 years. We would not recommend a better product on the market, we provide this fantastic product to all our customers for Maintenance after our projects are completed.


We highly recommend Silkwood to all our customers, we use Silkwood on all our manufacturing projects. We have not found another product on the market that comes close to what this product can do. Thank you to Silkwood for making such a unique and great product.

5 Stars


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